On Lok Lifeways, Fremont

(this address seems to be for mail, not travel directions)
159 Washington Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94539-5209
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On Lok Lifeways is in a building complex on the North side of Washington Blvd.  Easiest access is by taking Mission Blvd. (238) South from I680 and turning right onto Washington Blvd.  Keep in mind that there are TWO Mission Blvd. exits from I680!  The relevant one is the more northerly and farther from the bay.

To get On Lok you need to go down Bryant Terrace.  If you are coming from Mission Blvd. you pass the coffee shop and the school on your right, and then turn right onto Bryant Terrace (at the red Palmdale Estate Sign.)  Go to the end of the road and into the parking lot.  Try to park there.  If there is not a spot then you will need to exit the lot and turn left.  Park at any spot that says Palmdale Estates. 
On Lok is  in the building that is to the right of the parking lot you first drive into.  Go up the ramp and ask for Jen Mank.

The building complex is the Sister's of the Holy Family convent. 
On Lok is located in one of the buildings.