Detailed Directions to The Villages Clubhouse

From highway 101 in south San Jose take the Yerba Buena exit.  Go east on Yerba Buena, following the signs to Evergreen Community College .  Yerba Buena goes around and up and down and through a few traffic lights, but eventually one comes to a large intersection and traffic light at San Felipe Rd.   Go right (south) on San Felipe Rd. (after a short distance on San Felipe notice the Evergreen Community Center on your left).  Continue south on San Felipe to the first traffic light, at Villages Parkway .

Turn left into Villages Parkway and proceed about 1/4 mile to the Villages entrance gate.  Take the left lane (visitors' entrance) and introduce yourself to the person on duty.  Indicate that you are participating in the Del Lago dinner at the Clubhouse, and that you are a guest of Bruce Gehman, house number "3343" (tel. 270-7463).  You should be passed through with no problem.  We need to provide Mr. Gehman the names of the participants ahead of time.

After passing the guard gate immediately move to the right lane and immediately take the first right turn (about 100 feet inside the entrance) on to Fairway Dr.  You probably won't be able to see the street sign  -  it is inconspicuous  -  but don't worry about that as there is only one immediate right turn available.  

Now immediately move to the left and take the first left turn into Club Dr.  Again, you'll go only 100 feet or so on Fairway Dr. before making your left turn into Club Dr .  And again, you probably won't notice the street sign, but there is only one immediate left turn available. 

Proceed up Club Dr .  After a short distance you'll reach a little traffic circle and notice that you are in front of a fairly large building.  This is the Clubhouse, where you will be performing.  Proceeding along Club Dr., past the traffic circle, curving to the left, you will note after a short distance an entrance to the Clubhouse on your right.  I suggest you stop here, ask for directions to the Oak and Fairway rooms (actually, they are just to your right inside the entrance), and unload your stuff.  You should be able to park by proceeding forward and around the curve to the left.  If this parking should be full let Bruce Gehman know inside the hall and we'll find another place nearby.